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Ready to transform your lifestyle?

At Chivasuka you will follow a nutritional and spiritual program that utilizes your body’s own mechanism to reach optimal wellness and overcome health conditions.

We combine traditional wisdom of nature with modern science to address the cause of the problem instead of the symptoms.

Healthy food supplies our body with the necessary nutrition to maintain, repair and renew itself.  You are what you eat” is a profound saying, known and practiced in many cultures and civilizations. In our kitchen we use fresh, colorful fruits, vegetables and whole foods, picked and carefully selected from local organic farms and markets.

A new culinary experience

The prepared dishes are based on the Raw Food concept. A beautiful salad can be delicious, but there is so much more to Raw Food.

Our devoted chef will not miss a chance to surprise you!

What is RAW FOOD?

Our Raw Food is plant-based whole food not heated beyond 42ºC or 105ºF to prevent

Enzymes and Vitamins from being destroyed. That’s why it can be called: LIVING FOOD.

Adding more Raw Food to your diet will improve your health, make you feel more energetic, helps you to focus better, make your skin radiant and your hair shiny.

It is also a healthy and sustainable way to lose those extra pounds.


Treat yourself and reboot your energy!

Our DETOX & REBOOT program is designed to give your body that wonderful nourishing boost. Taking part of our Detox & Reboot retreat is an ideal way to treat yourself to a special holiday that will make you feel vibrant, refreshed and full of sparkling energy.

This retreat offers you a gentle detox with raw foods and juices, sauna, yoga, and spiritual guidance that encourages living in the moment and with a positive mind.


Improve your eating, sleeping and exercise habits!

Our WEIGHT LOSS program is designed to give you the healthy kickstart to lose those extra pounds. Surprise yourself how sustainable weight loss can be if you follow our plan. It aims to improve your eating, sleeping and exercise habits.


Regain control of your health!

Your personal Diabetes 2 program will help improve your health and quality of life by attending to the cause of the issue. We give you the tools to take control of your Diabetes. This is done with nutrition, lifestyle coaching and suitable exercise.


Healthy gut, healthy life!

This program is for those with digestive problems. During this retreat you will follow a special diet. You will also receive all the information you need to get  your gut back on a healthy track.


The perfect location to reconnect​

All our programs are designed

to help you improve your lifestyle

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We will be more than happy to be a part of your journey towards a healthy future!

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